WelcomeMarch 02, 2021



All first and second dose patients must fill out a consent form for vaccination found here:


Link to "COVID - 19 Vaccination Consent Form 2-1.pdf"


What to expect after getting a COVID vaccination:




In an effort to be especially transparent, the below was sent in an email TODAY (March 1) to appropriate IDPH staff, our legislators, and county board chairs:


Good morning:

I’m writing to plead with you for additional 2nd dose vaccine to our agency.


We have waged a very successful vaccination campaign in our two-county jurisdiction.  By IDPH’s own accounting, AS OF TODAY the vaccine totals listed on their website have our jurisdiction’s (DeWitt and Piatt Counties) vaccination totals at 9375 doses.  If we subtract out those who have received both doses (2360), WE WILL NEED AT LEAST 7015 DOSES in the month of March to fulfill 2nd dose obligations.  We currently have 1200 doses in our inventory.


A little math would tell you that we need deliveries of about 1754 doses each week JUST TO VACCINATE 2nd Dose patients ALONE.  We have been told to expect shipments of only 300 doses the week of March 1, 500 doses the week of March 8, and 600 doses the week of March 15.  AND, all of these shipments have been designated for first dose vaccinations.  We have been allocated ZERO doses for 2nd dose appointments for the coming weeks -


We have cancelled all first dose appointments in March due to this vaccine shortage, AND we now have only about a week’s worth of vaccine for 2nd dose appointments.

As you can see, this will leave us considerably short on doses to vaccinate our 2nd dose patients throughout the month of March.


We provide Mass Vaccination Clinics 5 days per week in our jurisdiction, with additional vaccinations being given in our offices as well.  Using a full scale model currently in place, we are giving out roughly about 1400 doses each week.


In order to control the size of the crowds at each Mass Vaccination Clinic, we have been utilizing a SignUpGenius for all appointment slots that enables the patient to schedule their own appointments.  This allows patients to remain social distant, and it takes pressure off of our small secretarial staff and small phone system to schedule appointments.  With this model, ideally we will post a SignUpGenius link for appointments AT MINIMUM one week in advance of the appointments.  If we don’t have that week’s amount of vaccine in inventory OR expected in a shipment, we then are forced to cancel appointments.


We are being set up now for failure within our local jurisdiction.  Those individuals who received their first doses in February are EXPECTING their second doses in March.  We are desperately seeking your help in allocating MORE shipments of vaccine to our jurisdiction.  We DO NOT have enough vaccine on hand or coming in expected shipments to vaccinate even just second dose patients alone.  PLEASE HELP!


Thank you!


David M. Remmert, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Public Health Administrator

DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department




                             The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department is a

                equal opportunity provider and employer.